Icon-72 BetterWays

Betterways — Better Drivers make Safer Fleets.

Better fleets make a safer environment and stress free highways.
Reducing accidents help everybody.

Link: Better-Ways

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App_Icon@120 TripTagger

TripTagger – Mileage Tracker & Tax Refund App to log Drive Expenses

TripTagger automatically records drives and shows cost per trip & tax refund values. View & tag trips in the app and export a Mileage Record Log for tax, private or business expenses.

+ Keep a precise mileage log for tax deductions (IRS compliant)
+ Track your miles for private or business reimbursement.
+ Record how much time you spend driving for the neighborhood carpool.
+ Share your drives with friends and family.
+ Save the new route you discovered

Link: Tripp-Tagger

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Icon-60@2x Alert Gasoil

AlertGasoil is an application which allows trucking companies to monitor in real time all their trucks. The application allows for example to know the position of a vehicle, the fuel level and even the pause durations. Very useful to be alerted in case of fuel theft.

Link: Alert Gasoil Website, B2B Application, only available for professionals.

Technologies geolocation, restapi, json, push notifications …

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icon-1024x1024 Farty Booty

Farty Booty is a game for children (flappybird style) where the hero is a booty that should go as far as possible in the bathroom avoiding traps.

Link: being finalized

Technologies: SpriteKit, advertising, inapp purchases …

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iTunesArtwork@2x Let

Let is the social network for teenagers with an audience mainly located in the United States and the United Kingdom. It allows users to post various media in their stream and chat with friends or unknow people.

80000 downloads, 4.5 stars on the appstore

Link: Discontinued

Technologies: geolocation, restapi, json, tcp, push notifications …

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Icon@2x Sky Messenger

Sky messenger was the official msn messenger application for iPhone. With this application a user could chat with all his msn friends, share media, use the windows cloud to manage all his documents and use his hotmail messaging service.

Over a million downloads, 4 stars on the appstore

Link: Windows msn stopped his service after Skype acquisition.

Technologies: xmpp, advertising…

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Icon@2x Snap n’ Share

Snap n ‘Share is an awesome photo and video real-time filters application for iPhone. It allows to take awesome pics or capture hilarious videos and post them easily on social networks.

7000 downloads, 5 stars on the appstore

Link: App Store link

Technologies: OpenGL, advertising, inapp purchase, youtube, dailymotion, Facebook, twitter, instagram, flickr, foursquare …

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icon Let Sign It

LetSignit is a custom plugin for MailApp on Mac OS X. The plugin automatically add centralized html signature to emails. Those signatures can be customized directly by the customer via a website. Companies can then manage marketing campaigns through email signatures of each employee.

Link: LetSignIt Website, B2B Application

Technologies MailApp, MacOSX plugin, reverse engineering, XML, SOAP…